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Mikhail Tolpygo Mndoyan

Mikhail Tolpygo Mndoyan is a contemoporary artist living and working in Germany.

He exhibits in private and municipal galeries of modern art. The style of his workheld in private collections in Germany, Russia, Spain, France, and Mexico draws the attention of curators of modern art.

The artist successfully exhibits at international art fairs, for example the „Berliner Liste in Berlin und the  „Salon Internatonal des Artistes du Mondes“ in Cannes.

Besides many still lifes und landscapes, the focus of his work lies in the portraits, with their singular encounter of the model and their observation of his or her inner world.

The choice of colour and most of all the multiplicity of shapes suggest a solution to the viewer prepared to confont the work in an intellectual way.

According to the artist, the strength of his hand ist he line suggested by the colouring itself.

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